Saturday, February 28, 2009

Angel Coral Street inaugurated

On Friday afternoon, San Pedro Mayor Elsa Paz, councilors and Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. were present during the formal inauguration of Angel Coral Street. After a blessing by Father Dan the official ribbon cutting ceremony took place. During the ceremony, the council took the opportunity to unveil the street sweeper which recently arrived on the island.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Election Venue changed!

The Election and Boundaries Department would like to announce that there has been a change in the location of Polling station #37. Instead of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School, the voting venue has been changed to the San Pedro High School. According to Election Day’s Returning Officer Marilyn Ordonez, after consultation with both political parties, it was agreed to change the location because of the inconvenience that the election process would have caused for tourists on the island.
The same hundred yard mark area that was observed in the last election will be used during this year’s municipal election. All that section of Sea Gull that runs in front of the High School will be closed to vehicular traffic. The hundred yard ends at the Corner of Laguna Drive and Lagoon Street. The next hundred yard ends just in font of Pasadita Deli on Sea Gull Street. The third hundred yards ends at the corner of Lagoon Street and Boca del Rio Drive at the beach front. Access to the High School will not be allowed on the section facing Laguna Drive since it will only be used as one of the exit point for voters.

The Government of Belize has declared Wednesday March 4th as a “Non School Day” countrywide since various schools will be used as polling station in the various municipalities. In addition the government also announced that the selling of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the election process which now extends until the official elections results are announced. The law also stated that no one should bear a fire arm whether license or not on election’s day.
Mayoral Candidates Don Baldemar Graniel (PUP) and Elsa Paz (UDP) spoke to the electorates on Thursday, February 26th, 2009 on Reef Radio's Decision 2009 Show.

Costa Maya dates set

For those of you eager to plan ahead for one of the island’s biggest parties/festivals, good news! The Costa Maya Festival Committee has been up and at it, preparing, planning and ensuring that this year tops the last. The dates for the 2009 Costa Maya Festival are August 6-9. Of course, all the juicy details can’t all be let out of the bag, but with the date set, we can all start guessing which star will be arriving to perform for Noche Internacional. Who will walk away with the crown this year as Reina de la Costa Maya Internacional? Oh, questions, questions, questions! Well keep you posted as the latest developments become privy to us!
Q: Who would you like to see perform this year at Costa Maya? Hmmmm…

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boogie in Belize '09 bids farewell

The Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated says that this year has been one of their most successful for Boogie in Belize, but it is possible that locals might have seen them for the last time.

Even though this year saw the smallest group of skydivers visiting Belize, Richard Grimm from Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated says there are various reasons to consider this year successful. There were 709 jumps this year, all with no injury. In addition there were 84 tandem jumps and all were successful. Jumps were made everyday, something never done during their past five years visiting Belize. Additionally, twelve jumps were made at the Blue Hole, with no injury.

This year, the Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated raised $7,100 Belize during their fundraiser events in San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Town Library received $3,900 plus a large assortment of school supply brought in by the skydivers while Holy Cross Anglican School received $3,200. It is estimated that this year alone, skydiving in Belize generated some Belize $600,000 during their stay and visits in various part of the country.

“We are giving serious consideration about returning to Belize, but there is nothing concrete,” stated Grimm, who claimed that much of the financial crunch is a direct result of the short fall in the world economic crisis. Normally, their return is booked one year in advance and the calendar of events is planned with exact dates, something that was not possible this year.

Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated says that this year’s event was possible because of the many businesses and individuals who wanted the event to be successful. Those businesses includes SunBreeze Hotel, The Lime, Aqua Dive, Tanisha Tours, Tropic Air, Astrum Helicopters, Belize Tourism Board, Pedro’s Inn, Reef Village, Blue Water Grill, BC’s, The San Pedro Town Council and Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. and many more too numerous to list.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carnaval Comes to an End

Carnaval comes to an end - enjoy the lovely visions that paraded through the streets for one final hurrah on Tuesday night!
Not even the reporters were spared, as they walked the streets braving the crowds for their shots, they were caught in the crossfire and splat! They were painted! Such good sports!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnaval - Monday!!!!

Carnaval continues and the tradition persists ... the painting is fun and everyone wants to get a piece of the action!

Sin Senos no hay Paraiso

Miss Flora's Posse

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Ambergris Caye Elementary School
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