Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hugo Meyer and Victoria Wolski get engaged

A proposal is always a romantic occasion, especially when creativity and thought goes into “popping the question”. On Wednesday, April 13th, 2011, Aji Restaurant’s Hugo Meyer returned from a trip to Spain, where he had been visiting his ill father. With all intents of getting one very important question answered, he had bought a beautiful dress for his beloved Victoria Wolski, and told her that he had lunch planned for them at Las Terrazas. Joining the lunch party was Victoria’s mother and cousin.

At lunch, their waitress presented a glass with some flowers and a ring inside to Victoria’s mother. Hugo explained that the ring was for her, and he asked for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Another glass with flowers was brought out, and inside was Victoria’s engagement ring. Hugo asked that all important question, to which Victoria said yes!

Congratulations to you both, and we wish you a wonderful life together!!