Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Art of Life: Co-create the highest good

By Christopher Emmanuel

Who really knows what’s down the road. As we travel this path it is only our intention that creates the driving force that steer us away from unsavory repercussions. Who knows higher good? I know a good atheist. Doesn’t believe in God, but every day he does the best he can. I know a giving catholic, trying to keep the faith-he will pray for you all night if you ask him. I know a Jehovah witness-working everyday to save souls; will bless you even though you can’t stand her at your door. I know a Christian who wants to feed the world. Then there is the Buddhist who spreads kindness wherever he goes.

Some have strong spiritual egos and claim to know God-reading him in a book, others touch on truth and know their ignorance-accept what is and practice without judgment. But real love doesn’t necessarily depend on rules, principals and theories, it just is and when you feel it you know it. Since we are energetic souls, what we intend from the heart is what becomes our creation. You might say one thing and mean another. Another is what regulates your desires. Intending for the highest good is what the Great Order Divine understands and creates - the highest good for all. And do we know the highest good? Only the source knows. The mangoes that look the best aren’t always the sweetest. But we can do what is in our power everyday to help co-create the highest good- and that’s how we love in action every day.

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