Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Art of Life: Success & Maturity

“Make experience the only success and you will never fail.” - Emmanuel

What does failure mean? Something didn’t turn out the way you wanted or expected. Life is an experience that is always perfect when you understand the wisdom behind each action. We all like to win, but always winning doesn’t seem to make us grow. The slowest people to mature seem to be the ones that get everything they want. They appear to mirror the idea of success as having all their endeavors flourish. Sadly though, they become childish because of their expectations, pushing themselves and others to the level of abuse to satisfy their petty demands.

Maturity it seems, comes with knowing you won’t always win and accepting losing as winning at times. The idea of failure fuels us and compels movement towards goals. Living a meaningful life requires actions now before we succumb to regrets because we never tried.

We collect our mistakes and push forward. We embrace failure and see the wisdom from our efforts. Finally we are no longer a slave to success, but accept both aspects and see the beauty of doing our best in all situations. Maturity then brings us to duty and responsibility.

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