Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best Medicine premieres at the Paradise Theater

The play tells the story of a father, ill from just about every sickness one could imagine. His good-for-nothing doctors and pharmacists have convinced him that he is very ill and continue to add to his medical conditions with every visit, costing him a fortune.

Coupled with a scheming wife, Mr. Moody; the father, spends his days on a schedule of medications, reports and doctor visits. Well off by his own right, he becomes worried that his medical conditions would leave his only daughter Angie, penniless after his demise.

In an effort to secure his daughter’s inheritance, he schemes to marry her off to his doctor’s nephew, a young practitioner with an unfortunately short attention span.

Scheming wife, Bella is only too happy to ship her stepdaughter off to boarding school while she cares for him. As she pretends not to be interested in Mr. Moody's will, she cannot stop from prying to find out exactly what she would be getting.

After being encouraged by Uncle Hector and the ever sharp housekeeper, Toinette, Mr. Moody agrees to pretend to be dead, to find out how his wife truly feels about him.

A truly spectacular, comedic play. A blast was had by all in attendance.

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