Friday, February 11, 2011

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Holy Cross appoints new Volunteer Coordinator

The task of running a school is a rather hefty one; especially a school with an enrollment of over 400 students. Since its opening in September 2006, Francis and Vernon Wilson have worked tirelessly to bring Holy Cross School to the place it presently stands.
After almost five years, the couple has decided to step back a bit. As a result they have commenced the process of selecting individuals to fill their roles. One of such individuals is Mrs. Lydia Brown. Lydia has taken up the role of Volunteer Coordinator. Originally from New Zealand, Lydia has travelled the world and lived in the United Kingdom and just prior to moving to Belize, she lived in Cambodia.
During her travels and past work experiences, she has garnered a strong background in Customer Service, Tourism and Teaching. Lydia was also employed by the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand and worked on several projects.
She and her family were attracted by the great climate, friendly ENGLISH speaking people and political stability that the country offered. When asked about her appointment at Holy Cross, she stated; “When we moved here, we did not know exactly what we were going to do, but we came. We had decided before, that we wanted to help in the developing world. We stumbled across Holy Cross School. We bought the house next door to the school. Shortly after, we met Francis and Vernon, they gave us the tour of the school and we just fell in love.”
In her role as Volunteer Coordinator, Lydia will be responsible for coordinating efforts with the various teams of volunteers that visit and work with Holy Cross School. The moment a team agrees to visit, Lydia works hand in hand with the organizers from the United States. She is responsible for briefing the teams beforehand on what to expect while in Belize, make recommendations on accommodations and travel, coordinate trips for groups during their stay on the island; booking hotel rooms and tours and being there to assure that volunteers’ visits go smoothly and provide them with memorable experiences.
Apart form working with the Volunteers, Lydia is also at the Office, helping out in anyway she can. The San Pedro Sun welcomes Lydia and her family to the island and wishes them the best as they venture on their new life within our San Pedro Community.