Monday, November 23, 2009

Liberty Children's Home 5-K Run-Walk

The invitation to participate in a Run-Walk fundraiser had many people lining up at the Central Park palapa to sign up.
Liberty Children's Home desperately needs funding to continue to provide care for abused, neglected and abandoned children of Belize at Liberty Home in Ladyville, Belize.

A little bit about Liberty Children's Home
Liberty Children’s Home was founded in 2004 by Ms. Marcelle Delahaye, a resident of the United Kingdom who began visiting Belize in 1999. During her visits, she identified the need for a new facility that would improve the lives of children. She researched and trained in Hungary, Italy, and England in early childcare and childhood education. Drawing from these experiences, Ms. Delahaye set about creating a facility which would provide a safe, caring environment where children are respected and where they can heal, grow, and learn. The financial sources that built Liberty Home and originally supported it have pulled back for a variety of reasons, including the world financial market. Ms. Delahaye’s life has changed; she married, has an infant, and has had to limit her help to fundraising activities in U.K. and short trips to Belize. Delfena Mitchell is the current director of the home, and Dacia Tillet is the principal of the school. Local teachers and care givers have had training to create and maintain this supportive educational environment for these children. The community of Belize is now being called to help financially support this facility for our children. Donations are critical to the survival of Liberty House.
While new means of financial support are being put in place, every dollar counts to buy food and pay staff and utilities. Contact Delfena Mitchell at Liberty 225-2158 or 624-3696 and keep a lookout for fundraisers on the island for Liberty Children’s Home.