Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day Belize!

On Garifuna Settlement Day, November 19th, reenactments of the landing of the first boats of the Garinagu in Belize are performed in town celebrations and in San Pedro was no exception. Cultural drummers and dancers perform whilst the traditional foods is sold for gatherings. They ride the surf to shore in their dugout canoes (motor boat) waving palm fronds and banana leaves to symbolize the cassava that sustained their ancestors. This ritual, rich in music and dance, helps sustain Garífuna culture.

Today marks 206 years that the Garifuna arrived in Belize ..

Indeed, the Garifuna found many reasons to celebrate, and their excitement is infectious, not to mention their delectable traditional dishes. The San Pedro Garifuna Council did an excellent job in keeping the heritage alive in San Pedro, kudus!! The Council would like to give special thanks to all the sponsors of this year’s Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations. This years theme; “Iun rahowa hama meme isanigu lidoun garifunaduau lau pantau”, “Continuing to proudly empower our children in their Garifuna heritage.” Happy Garifuna Settlement Day to all Garinagus in Belize!
A Video collage of all events to be uploaded soon, stay tuned!