Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bizarre Worlds - Belize airs tonight

On Channel 49 - Travel Channel - Bizarre Worlds

Every Tuesday night, people are glued to the set watching the Travel Channel, waiting with bated breath to see what he will put in his mouth next. He is the host of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and his many adventures focus on international bizarre delicacies served the world over. Tongues, intestines, reproductive organs, eyes, and even blood, you name it, he’s probably eaten it! As fans of the show know, the best part of watching him is the gusto with which he eats. His obvious love for the bizarre, and appreciation of cultures from around the world comes through the screen, making his trips accessible and fun.

On April 11th, Andrew arrived to film a segment of his new series Bizarre Worlds at the luscious Azul Resort on North Ambergris Caye. The San Pedro Sun was granted exclusive Behind the Scenes. Watch a preview of the show and an interview with the Bizarre man himself - Andrew Zimmern.

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