Monday, June 21, 2010

Lobsterfest 2010 Block Party - a success!!

Saturday evening was the block party that culminated the week-long celebration of that tastiest of crustaceans: the LOBSTER. Booths were colorfully decorated, drinks were flowing, food was grilling and smelling wonderful!! Joey and Bob (of WSEE TV) were mingling with the crowd, eager to see the sights and taste a bit of lobster!!
Hundreds of spectators turned out for the event, which culminated with a performance by Supa G.

Andrew Vasquez wins 2010 Father's Day Cycling Race

This year's annual Father's Day Cycling Tournament was held on Sunday June 20th. 14 cyclists competed for the chance to win trophies, cash prizes among others. Taking home two of the six station prizes and the grand prize for placing 1st, was Andrew Vasquez. Placing 2nd was Edwin Gutierrez and Ricky Harris took third place. Congratulations to all the cyclists that participated, winners, sponsors and organizers.

(L) Ricky Harris (C) Andrew Vasquez (R) Edwin Gutierrez

Presenting La Reina de Reggaeton

Handa Cambranes the reigning "Reina de Reggaeton", and for the past three years, she has held the title. Just what is La Reina de Reggaeton? It is a dance competition focused on the Reggaeton genre of music. She performs shows, and is in attendance for club openings, joining the stage during special events, and more.
Handa was in town recently, and we got to take some beautiful shots of her on the beach at Casita Buena Vista's grounds.

She is happy to be Reina de Reggaeton, and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to perform. She enjoys what she does, and encourages others to follow their dreams, and enjoy what they love, as she does.