Sunday, October 25, 2009

White Sands Dive Shop installs more mooring buoys at the reef.

Submitted by Elbert Greer, White Sands Dive Shop

Hotels and Condominiums on Ambergris allow tourist to visit the reef on Kayaks and Hobie Cats for snorkeling experiences. When the tourist arrive at the reef they want to get out of the kayak or hobie cat and snorkel, without a mooring to tie to they are tempted to tie to the corals or drop anchor on the reef. The Mooring Buoys provide an alternative less detrimental to the reef.

Emeliano Rivero, Samuel Lin and Juan Carlos Montejo pictured above installed new and repaired old buoys at the reef in front of Las Terrazas and Journeys End Resorts. Juan Carlos said,” The season is starting and the tourists are coming, we need to protect our reef.”

White Sands Dive Shop wants to help by share information about the benefits of embedment anchors. "Mooring Buoy Program Planning" To order a copy, call Kristin Valette at PADI
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