Friday, November 28, 2008

Sueno Thanksgiving and Sueno Claus

The Sueno del Mar family had a very special Thanksgiving night filled with delicious food, great wine and fantastic entertainment.
Pinguino Wines was on hand offering a wine tasting of their Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet and the newest addition Pinguino Sparkling Wine. Stuffed olives and spreads were enjoyed by all.Pinguino also held a raffle where some of their products where given away.Rick opening the delightful Pinguino wines.
The chefs and his assistants outdid themselves and prepared a scrumptious turkey, lobster and stuffed chicken dinner. Complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, rice and beans, gravy and salad, the main course was exquisite. Add to that the extravagant dessert table and you can be sure that those present went home feeling like stuffed turkeys but quite happy.

The night was filled with special performances from the Black Orchid Dance Group from Benque Viejo del Carmen. Their dances combined with the great costumes gave everyone a wonderful taste of the Belizean culture.
It was a great Thanksgiving night, one sure to be remembered for years to come.
Owners the Lewis' enjoyed the night along with their family, especially five-month-old Veronica.
Sueno Claus

During the night, Sueno Clause was introduced. Sueno del Mar is "adopting" ten local families that have been carefully selected. Several local churches identified these needy families. Large colorful wash buckets are at the Sueno palapa with individual family information to help you make appropriate give contributions.
Suggested items:

*Non-perishable food (canned goods, rice, sugar, flour, beans)

*Toys (books, dolls, school supplies, candy, cars/trucks, craft supplies, games, crayons)

*Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, cologne)

*Paper Goods & Cleaning Supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, sponges, cleaners)

*Linens (sheets, towels, kitchen towels/hot pads)

*Kitchen Essentials (bowls, flatware, cookware, utensils)

*Grocery Gift Certificate
Please no: *Alcohol/Tobacco *Cash *Perishables
You do the shopping and deliver to the palapa and Sueno volunteers will make deliveries by Monday, December 22nd.

Cayo Women at Work

On Saturday, November 22nd, Mary Open Doors kicked off 16 days of activism against domestic violence with a market stall at their former premises in San Ignacio. The market sold homemade baking, popcorn, juice, second hand clothes and jewelry made by the women involved in skills training classes at the organization. Mary Open Doors is a newly formed Non Government Organization, addressing the issues of domestic violence in the Cayo community. The entity provides services of secure shelter for women and children affected by violence in their home. Mary Open Doors also offer confidential counseling, court advocacy, case management and referrals. The Cayo District Women's Department has been helping Mary Open Doors to run regular skills training classes for survivors of domestic violence. Classes have been running for 8 weeks now, and the women have learnt skills in jewelry making, weaving and sewing. "The great thing about these classes is that the women are learning skills that they can use to make craft that they can sell locally, helping them to support their families", says the current class facilitator, Miss Darlene Madden. "These women have a natural creative ability and you can see that in the beautiful jewelry they have been produced through hours of work in class". The classes meet twice a week, and the resulting craft will now be sold at the San Ignacio Market every Saturday. The classes not only teach valuable skills but increase the women's confidence and self-esteem. More classes are planned over the December period leading up to Christmas. There will be a new business skills training class and watercolour painting class. Mary Open Doors also organizes a weekly support group called "Women At Work" or 'WAW'. The support group provides a place for women to share their experiences of violence in an understanding environment, and gives help to the women needing a way out. WAW is also responsible for fundraising for the group, and helping to set up cooperatives such as the craft market, that will ultimately lead to the women becoming more financially independent.
For more information on the skills training classes, the support group or any other services, phone Chief Executive Officer Ms. Anna Silva 626-5780 or Marilyn Greig at 602-6934.