Monday, June 2, 2008

Devastation from Arthur

Right in front of Island Academy is a boat tipped to the side the day after Arthur.

What hit Belize was simply supposed to be a Tropical Depression, but the ravages felt countrywide tell another tale. According to Ramon Frutos, meteorologist, indications are that the remnants of TD Alma joined up with TD Arthur, which strengthened and became a Tropical Storm and ultimately hit Belize and Mexico. San Pedro experienced quite a bit of rain - actually, it still is raining, but not nearly as hard as it was this morning around 4 am. There was something akin to a fireworks show on the island when lightning turned night to day for a good few minutes.

Hard rain, flashes of lightning and loud thunder made for an exciting morning on Monday.

What a sight to wake up to! Flooded yards, overflowing canals on a soggy Monday!

The morning commute was a little interesting today.

Fences swayed and bowed to the breeze during the night; even signs blew down.

As many people are saying today, there hasn't been such an occurence in years. Completely taken aback, people were unprepared for the deluge that was brought overnight. Unconfirmed reports state that there have been three deaths from the South district of Belize, and a family is missing. Homes are flooded, with emergency rescue efforts taking place with BATSUB, NEMO and more. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected.

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