Friday, July 18, 2008

Worker survives electric shock!

In an unfortunate tale in San Pedro, a construction worker was at his work place when he was accidentally hit by a severe jolt of electricity today late in the afternoon and managed to live another day. The story, according to his colleagues, is that after the down pour of rains, work was underway as usual. As Lenning Rodriguez carried on his duties of lifting some steel rods, the steel was caught close to the main electrical wire. Witness reports are that after a loud “pop,” his colleagues saw Rodriguez dazed with smoke coming out of his shirt. Multiple burns to his chest, arms and back area were visible on his body. His wristwatch, burnt shirt and working tools were on site and that itself tells the tale of how severe his injury was. Police wasted no time in responding to the call and arrived at the scene, corner of Lagoon and Sand Piper Street, moments after. Rodriguez was taken to Ambergris Hope where he was treated by Dr. Daniel Gonzalez. He was, soon after, transported via Tropic Air to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

The main electrical wire is near the roof of his worksite.

Burnt remains of Rodriguez's shirt. His wrist watch was borken in two, his shirt was charred and his work tools remained at the site.
Rodriguez's injuries were concentrated on his chest and back area.
Rodriguez as he boards the Tropic Plane en route to Belize City for further treatment.

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