Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who dat?

Many people have lived here all their lives and have seen so many changes over the years. The biggest changes are the many faces of the various people walking down the streets. All of a sudden, we don't know who we pass by on the street at all. So, every week we will introduce you to someone new: a friend, your neighbor, anyone walking down the street. Six questions will be answered, who they are, what they do here, where they come from, when they came and why they chose to live here, and a little extra fun question. Hope you like this fun feature!
Who: Helda Santos
What: Cute Mom
Where: Angola, Africa
When: October 2006
Why: Fell in love with San Pedro
Status: Too single


Anonymous said...

hard to beleive such a pretty woman is single...I am on the way!

Scott said...

very cute... must have good taste as she is still single.