Friday, September 12, 2008

Final Karaoke Night - Finals coming up!

After yet another round of eliminations, Alma Encalada and Glenda Gentle are the final two winners who edged out other competitors in the fifth and final round of competition. They now join the previous weeks' 8 winners in the upcoming Grand Finale to be held at Jaguar's Temple Night Club.
Week 5 winners: Alma Encalada and Glenda Gentle
Week 5 judges DJ Lotion, Dora Trujillo and Norman Purvis

Angela Guerrero

Joseph Roches
Glenda Gentle
Alma Encalada
Javier Castillo
Melody Sanchez

Click 'Play' for a recap of Week 4 karaoke action!

1 comment:

holly said...

Wow! what an amazing night! It seems as though you are not the only ones who love the Karaoke as a stress relief.

I'm based in the UK and have just started university and have joined some clubs so i can get to know people better, the best one is the Karaoke club. We arranged a whole evening in the student union and I got a custom karaoke CD with all my favourite songs on, i do a great "how do I live" by leann rimmes and when I get more drunk move onto whitney houston, I'm never sure how those sound though because by then I'm pretty drunk.

I have never thought about running our own version of X factor that's a brilliant idea! Does it take much organising?