Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alberto Bradley's "Cristina" reels in victory

Despite the cloudy skies, the Blue Water challenge had the participation of 13 boats and a total of 40 anglers who embraced the fishing challenge on Sunday, October 13th over the Pan American holiday. And just after the horn sounded for the official weigh in, it was evident that Alberto Bradley’s monster shark stood a good chance to take the grand prize, here is a recap of the results.

This 200 pound bull shark was the biggest fish caught.
Alberto Bradley onboard "Cristina" took top boat honors.
Biggest Sailfish caught by Leonardo Bradley onboard "Flor".
Vernon Wilson caught the biggest wahoo.
The Bradley's with their trophy and their grand prize of a 14foot skiff.
James Ritchie hands over prize to Wilson.
James hands over prize to Miss Flor.

Blue Water Challenge first place plaque.
Maritza Bradley took home first place for the Calcutta bidding.

Be sure to read more on this story in Thursday's edition of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper!
The winning shark weighed 202.5 pounds and proved difficult and very heavy to handle. Check out the video below:


Anonymous said...

It is so awful to see the San Pedro Sun advertising shark fishing, which has been condemned world wide. Shame on you and shame on the ignorance of those who sponsored this event. Divers, who are one of the biggest groups of visitors to San Pedro, actively boycott locations where shark fishing is encouraged because they know that sharks are threatened and essential to the well being of any reef. Shame on San Pedro Sun for not decrying this event, shame on Captain Sharks for sponsoring it, shame on San Pedro for allowing it. Our diving group will not be returning to San Pedro again. We had read that San Pedro Sun had won awards for their environmental reporting. Those awards should be taken back because this shows how little they really know about environmental protection.

The San Pedro Sun Newspaper said...

Dear Anonymous,

We do acknowledge that we did not show incentive and brought to light the importance of sharks and the importance of the week that the tournament was held. We thank you for your comment and appreciate that you brought that matter to our attention.

However, the article showcased the winners and the catch that was brought in that day. From our understanding, there were some concerned citizen who had some issues, environmental and tourism, relating to the tournament. No banners were made, no letters were sent, no petitions were signed, therefore the tournament continued. The San Pedro Sun attended the event, as did hundreds of people. Acknowledging the fact that it did happen and showing video may spark interest in these organizations or individuals to prevent the activity from taking place once more. In the future, we encourage all individuals to take a stand for what they believe is right. Don't wait until the event takes place to voice your concerns.

cheryl said...

I don't understand why these fish had to be killed!!! Many tournaments have judges on the boats to verify the catch of the fish then it is released. Not only where sharks killed unnecessarily, but there where also Sail Fish killed, which are highly endangered in there own right. This tournament was wrong on so many levels.

The San Pedro Sun Newspaper said...

Good afternoon Cheryl,

A member of the Fisheries Department was present during the tournament to oversee the catches brought in.