Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun corner - What happened to Dianne?

Dianne from Quicksilver Messenger Service got into a little accident over the holidays. Now those who have heard the story of what happened to her know that it was a small incident, one that she is actually ashamed to tell. No glorified details, no fun recount, nothing. So, what do you think happened to Dianne? Give us a little snippet of what you think might have happened? Remember, not too long of a story and something that can be reprinted. Dianne will take a look at the mini-stories and decide which one she likes best. That person will take home a $25 gift certificate for Quicksilver and a $25 bartab at BC's and a Birthday ad on The San Pedro Sun.
Entries are free so just email us your story. Email to

Some of the comments received already:
*This is my short version of what happen to her one day while she was delievering papers she was on her bike and she heard a dog barking got scared and fell off it therefore causing the not so bad but kind of embarrassing injury to her hand.
Name: Antonio Arceo Work: Mayan Princess

**It was a mail emergency. Dainne was called from sorting to answer a cry for help. Immediate mail delivery was required. Always pertinacious, she jumped on her trusty bike and away she went. Unbeknownst to Dianne, at that very moment a gathering was happening. The Caribbean breeze was joining with a lagoon wind. The result was a swirling mass that was gaining strength as if to become a tornado. Dianne rode straight into it, undeterred for the mail must get through. The flyby anomaly tried to pry the mail from her fingers but she leapt to keep it safe. Unfortunately as she rose up her bike was pulled unceremoniously out from under her. Down she went, the mail clutched firmly in her broken hand.
Kim and Kathy

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