Monday, January 26, 2009

Westernhaven damage assessment completed

Westerhaven cargo ship crashed into Belize’s reef two weeks ago and our colleagues at 7NEWS has been reliably informed this evening that the ports navigational investigation on the grounding of Wsterhaven is complete. The determination finds that the ship and its captain Fritz Schroeder were negligent, and as such, activates section 29 of the Environmental Act which would allow the department of environment to charge the ship’s owner – three (3) times the damage.
In this case that’s roughly $30 million multiplied by three which amounts to $90 million. Of course that is what the law says but more than likely – a settlement will be worked out with the ship’s owner.
The Department of Environment and the Fisheries Department are still tallying the true damage and we are told the Department of Environment is finished with its assessment. A final figure should be decided upon by today.

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