Monday, March 23, 2009

Second Lion Fish captured alive

On Sunday, two Searious Adventures guides: Horace Bladen & Wayne Cumberbatch, caught yet another Lion Fish. This one was found at Shark Ray Alley at around 11:00 am. Reports from the boys indicate that it is even bigger than the one caught at Xaman Ek. The Hol Chan Marine office personnel picked it up personally at the Searious Adventures Tour Office and transported it to their office for observation. The students of San Pedro Pre School were at the office this morning when The San Pedro Sun stopped by for pictures. The fish has joined the second one that was found up north at Xaman Ek, and both are being kept in the aquarium for observation.
This recent catch makes for three Lionfish caught so far.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy that you guys are creating awarness about the lionfish in Belize. I always take a look at various newsblogs in San Pedro. I want to share a comment that i did on another blog that refused to publish comments that is critical but offer good ideas. The story of the Lionfish is not about who covers it first, it is about it being in Belize. I dislike news outlet that claims who convers a particular article first. Don't go that way. Continue the way you are doing. Congrats and happy 18th birthday to you guys.