Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gua rides around the world on mountain bike

Gua Dahua arrived in his 91st country and made his way to San Pedro Town where for the past three days he has been enjoying the beauty of the island. Since 1999, Guo Dahau has been riding his mountain bicycle; his destination? Around the world. Already having visited 90 countries, Gua arrived in Belize and has enjoyed every minute of it, especially his stay in San Pedro. Having started in Kazakhstan, Gua has visited Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Australia and is very interested in continuing his journey to the last 17 countries he eagerly awaits to visit.

For ten years, Gua saved his money, “That is why I no married, I no drink, I no smoke, I no dance,” he commented. With all his traveling, Gua has filled a total of eight Chinese passports and has a long list of visas under his belt.

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