Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yacht anchors on reef

A white vessel flying a Bermudan flag is anchored on the reef cliff just in front of San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Sun confirmed with Hol Chan that indeed the vessel is anchored on the reef cliff in about 15 feet of water. Law enforcement officers have dispatched to the area. Hol Chan Marine Reserve Manager Miguel Alamilla stated that they are awaiting an impoundment order from the Department of Environment which will allow them to impound the vessel and detain the boat captain. The white yacht named Azteca is also flying a British flag. The captain of Azteca, 49-year-old Cancun resident Salvador Villeraz Eckart has been found. The San Pedro Sun will have more information as it becomes available.


ionfreeman said...

Hey, thanks for reporting on this. I was completing my open water dive certification, and this boat was right in the middle of it. Besides destroying thousands of years in coral growth, this negatively impacted my wife's dive experience.

I'll be following for news of fines and impoundment!

Anonymous said...

is not worth it to make any comment