Monday, May 11, 2009

Bandage International returns

Properly applied first aid training can save lives, reduce recovery time and quite possibly mean the difference between temporary disability or lifelong disability for the victim, that is the aim behind the Bandage International Team that has found their way back to San Pedro for its annual visit. Bandage International is a group of emergency medicine professionals comprised of paramedics, nurses and doctors who are committed to teaching emergency health responders or basic First Aid in developing countries, including Belize.

Not only does the course build one’s skills as primary and secondary care providers, it focuses on developing instructional abilities. Since arriving in Belize, Bandage International, a non-profit organization based in Nova Scotia, Canada has not only held courses in San Pedro but provided training in Punta Gorda, Hopkins and Dangriga residents as well.
The course last for two day and participants receive a certificate of completion.

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Anonymous said...

Is the Bandage First Aid certification course recognized by the Belize Red Cross. If not does the ministry of health (medical) recognize Bandage International (luis)