Friday, June 5, 2009

Message from Lydia Guerrero - "God's Angels"

To all my family and friends:

As I sit to write, I'm all welled up inside. Just thinking of the tremendous support I've received from you all in such a short time. I always had the notion that God has angels scattered on earth to take care of some details for him. Now I know that this is so. Otherwise, how do you explain all the good that has come my way. Firstly, there are Neto and Millie Gomez, who have so graciously allowed us the unconditional use of their house here in Merida. Not to mention, our host, Shamir, who is a gentleman in the full sense of the word. My bedside nurses, Dali and Letty, whose hands were truly guided by God as they administered my shots.
Belinda, my daughter, with her culinary expertise, who tries to keep me well nourished, assisted by Giselle, my blender girl. My husband, chito, who is ever so attentive to my every need. My son, Chito, quite concerned, doing so much research and questioning the doctors' every decision. And our dear Alexis, who can't be here with us just yet, as she is preparing for graduation, with tia Dali by her side. Then there's Fernanda. our Godsent little Cherub who fills my days with joy.
Moreover, I have all of you, sending e-mails and calling ever so often to find out about my progress.

Want more? All the organizers and supporters of the fund raiser which was held last week-end. I feel your energy, we share the same faith. God is with us in this. He'll pull us through, I know. Let's keep our spirits lifted and our souls bowed down before our creator.

God bless us all,


(Thank you to Shamir Guerrero for sharing this most touching letter.)
Mrs. Lydia Guerrero is currently in Merida, Mexico, battling cancer. She is a well-known, much-loved educator and friend. The San Pedro Sun joins the entire San Pedro Community in wishing her strength to overcome her health obstacles. We also thank the community for their efforts in the fundraiser held this past weekend.

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