Friday, August 21, 2009

BEL Reminds the Public of the Dangers of Illegal Connections & Illegal Redistribution of Power

Press Release, Thursday, August 20, 2009, BEL - Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) advises that the issue of power theft is an ongoing challenge for the Company and highly discourages this practice, not only because it is a crime, but it is a safety hazard to the persons involved and is also unfair to honest, paying customers.

BEL cautions that meter tampering, power diversion and unauthorized installations can result in electric shock or electrocution.

BEL has been responding to numerous reports of dangerous and illegal service connections, power diversion and meter tampering. Unauthorized service connections create a serious safety risk and where the Company finds persons engaged in such illegal practice the person at fault is immediately disconnected and back billed. In cases where a person is repeatedly found with an illegal connection, the Company pursues legal action.

The safe use of electricity is a serious concern. BEL will continue to ensure that electrical equipment is not tampered with or used illegally. Persons requiring power supply are asked to visit any BEL office countrywide.

The Company appeals to the public to report all cases of power theft or improper installation of electrical supply by calling toll free at 0-800-BEL-CARE or 0-800-235-2273. A reward will be given for reported cases that are confirmed.


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