Friday, August 7, 2009

Miss Nicaragua Takes the Crown!!

Maritza celebrates with her newfound friends onstage after her big win.
Exuberant and joyful, Miss Rivas greets her waiting fans backstage.
Miss Nicaragua, Maritza Rivas, was crowned on Thursday, August 6th, 2009 as the new International Reina de la Costa Maya. Nicaragua's first time winner is the beautiful Maritza, who captured the judges with her charisma, beauty, poise and personality. Congratulations to Miss Rivas, the new Miss Costa Maya 2009-2010!!! Maritza also took home the prize for Best National Costume.
Maritza took home the prize for Best National Costume.
Second runner up was Miss Mexico, Marliese Ayala, and First Runner Up was Miss Guatemala, Angelica Guevara Morfin. Congratulations to all the beautiful ladies, who did an amazing job and represented their countries beautifully!!
Miss Mexico.
Miss Guatemala alonside Miss Nicaragua.

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