Monday, March 22, 2010

17-year-old suffers traffic accident

On Saturday, March 20th at about 12:50 a.m. whilst conducting golf cart patrol on Angel Coral Street (Back Street) of San Pedro Town, police attention was drawn to a female lying face up on the middle of the street. Inquiries were made by police officials from the people on the scene who stated that the victim was on the back pan of a Ford Ranger truck, gray in color, when she fell off the vehicle. The victim presented bruises to her left hand and face and was bleeding from her ears.
17-year-old Yaritza Rodriguez
Police later identified the female as 17-year-old Yaritza Rodriguez, secretary of San Mateo Area. She was rushed to Ambergris Hopes Clinic and later transferred to Karl Heusner’s Memorial Hospital where she was admitted in critical condition. At the time of the incident, a 17-year-old minor was driving the vehicle. Police investigation revealed that the driver does not possess a valid driver’s license. According to her, she accelerated the vehicle as she drove not realizing that Rodriguez was standing up in the pan.

Police investigation continues but the minor who has not been formally arrested and charged was served with a Notice of Intent of Prosecution. Officer in charge of the investigation PC Guerra, stated the minor may be charged for (1) Driving without a valid driver’s license, (2) Driving without being covered by Third Party Risk Insurance and (3) Negligent grievous harm.

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Anonymous said...

OMG this is such a sad inccident... Praying that Yaritza gets better