Friday, March 5, 2010

NHSDA closes in protest

There are still no answers in the murder of 21 year old University of Belize student Teddy Murillo. The Murillo family is very active in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and Teddy was a Deacon. In fact on Friday night, hours before he was killed he was at church. Well, that Church took a bold stand for him – the decision to shut down the 25 primary, secondary and tertiary schools it manages on Friday, March 5th.The San Pedro Seventh Day Adventist Academy took a stand along with their peers and the school was closed for the day. Students remained at home while teachers showed their solidarity.

According to an official release, the decision to close the house doors at all those schools is to, “express indignation art the brutal and senseless murder of one of our young members...” It continues to say, “the ongoing murders (some from the very same persons who ought to be protecting us) have instilled fear and chaos in citizens and visitors alike.” A church with thirty four thousand members countrywide just outright saying that police are responsible for “some of” the “ongoing murders?”

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