Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vote for Tatiana

Miss Piel Dorada Internacional has a Belize representative in the form of Miss Tatiana Rivero. Vote for her now.
Piel Dorada “Golden Skin”, is a TV special that invites models from around the world, with internationally acclaimed photographers in some of the most exotic landscapes, to be filmed for a week of competition, culminating with the coronation of the “Sun Goddess”. The pageant focuses on the beauty of the skin. It includes interviews, costumes, evening gown, as well as, a swimsuit segment.

21-years-old Tatiana Rivero, resident of San Pedro Town is studied in the field of Business Administration. She received her Associates Degree from the Corozal Junior College, where she was also crowned Miss. CJC in 2006. Ms. Rivero is presently working at the San Pedro Belize Bank Branch Office, as a secretary in the Loans Department.

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