Monday, July 12, 2010

Exploring Marco Gonzalez...

The entrance to Marco Gonzalez Maya Site has been greatly improved thanks to the hard work and dedication of Jan Brown and crew. "London Bridges" have been set up leading to the site, where, on our arrival, we observed students from both Wilmington, NC, and London, England packing up a recently recovered skeleton, uncovering another set of bones, clearing some of the area, and a few taking notes.

This perfectly intact bowl was recovered recently,
and is a great find for the students on this dig.

Great slabs of stone were discovered in a nearby wooded area.

The skull of one of the skeletal remains before it is fully packed for moving from the area.
Another skeleton was discovered, and students have begun unearthing it.

Dr. Scott and Liz Graham.
There are tons of broken pottery all around, on the way to the site, at the site, and in the surrounding areas. According to history, the Mayas ritually broke their pottery every year.
There is a lot to be done to prepare the site for visitors en masse, but each step is a thrill, and each new discovery brings the public closer to its history. For the moment, the site is open to archaeology students and experts as it is prepared for public viewing in the near future.

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