Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glen and Colleen of Rendezvous Celebrate 20 Years of Marriage!

In case you were wondering why traffic was blocked and what Glen was doing lying on the street in front of Lime; well, it was Glen's way of showing Colleen how much he adores her after their twenty years of marriage. At various locations along Coconut Drivem Glen's helpers awaitined, balloons and flowers in hand.

As her friend drove her through the streets of the Island, Colleen was being awed by little children handing her flowers and balloons on behalf of her husband, Glen. Bringing the hunt to an end was Glen, lying across the street in front of Lime bar - flowers and balloons in hand, blocking her golf cart. The union was nothing short of heart-warming, as she got out the golf cart and helped him up. Kisses, hugs and champagne followed as the celebration of their 20 years of marriage continued through the day!

The San Pedro Sun congratulates you on your 20 years of union!!!

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