Thursday, September 23, 2010

San Pedro FC says THANKS

The San Pedro Under-19 Club would like to extend gratitude to everyone who supported them through their Belize District Under-19 competitions and we are proud to announce that you are a big part of our success in coming sub-champion 2010 of the Belize District.

Belize District under the name of Belize Rising Start (Champion Brown Boomers) together with the best two teams of the Belize District (San Pedro FC and Bwel Flames) is representing the Belize District association in the National Inter-District Competition. Five of our young talented players (San Pedro FC) were given the opportunity to represent in Belize Rising Star FC.

We are seeking your kind support for travelling expenses for the young players representing San Pedro FC. Let’s support our young players so that they could become more professional and you never know they may end up representing San Pedro in the Belize National Team.

Please assist us and help in keeping a healthy and safe community by keeping sports alive on the island. Contact Fulgencio Hoare at 604-8015.

The San Pedro team players are: Samuel Figueroa, Jesse Guerrero, George Barrera, Steven Arnold, Travis Eiley and Gorvani Chavez.

Last weeks results: Belize Rising Star FC - 3 VS Cristo Rey Corozal – 0. Goals by Samuel Figueroa – 1, Ernin Flores – 1, John Valerios – 1. Next weeks game will be held in Belize City against Plamar from Orange Walk.

Thanks in advance
/s/ Fulgencio Hoare

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