Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tsunami Warning preparations

The fire engine sirens and selected vehicles horns will blast for 15 seconds and pause for 5 seconds FOUR TIMES. The sirens and horns will stop for THREE MINUTES and start blaring again in the same sequence. This will be repeated until NEMO issues the “All Clear”.

As soon as you hear the sirens or heard that a Tsunami has occurred:
*Move away from the Sea!
*Go to a safe area. MOVE to higher ground or to the upstairs of the nearest concrete (cement) building or climb to the highest point!
*If where you are is safe, stay there.
*When a Tsunami warning is issued; DO NOT drive onto the highways due to the possibility of getting trapped.

Tsunamis can be triggered by earthquakes, landslides and even asteroid impacts. A wave that appears harmless on the deep, open ocean grows when it is funneled upward by the rising seafloor at the shore.

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