Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mexico’s Federal Police offers training to the Belize Police Department

Belmopan, October 15th, 2010. - The Mexican Embassy informs conclusion of the training course on “Analysis and Police Intelligence” offered by the Mexico´s Federal Police to the Belize Police Department (BPD). The training was sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security of Mexico and was held at the Police Academy in Belmopan. This training constitutes part of the agreements made between Mexico and Belize within High Level Mexico – Belize Border Security Group (GANSEF). The objective of the training is to enhance the capacities of the offices in the Belize Police Department, to strengthen the operative capability, and to contribute to the efforts that the Government of Belize has embarked to combat delinquency.

The course was developed from October 11th, to 15th, 2010. The training was headed by two officials of the Mexico`s Federal Police with experience in training elements of the Mexican Police. Thirty three members of the BDP, Belize Defense Force, National Coast Guard of Belize likewise the Department of Immigration, Customs and Prison Officers participated in the training. The objective was to improve activities on intelligence and analysis of information of those security agencies in combating criminal activities.

The training was especially prepared for the needs of Belize, including topics such as terrorist organizations, organized crime, threats against the Government, intelligence and information, cycle of intelligence, planning and administration, search and database collection, analysis and dissemination of the intelligence products. The course included practical tasks and an evaluation.

The representatives of the BPD expressed their gratitude to the Government of Mexico because these type of courses represent a great importance for the Belizean forces. In particular, they underlined the professional capability showed by the Mexican trainers. At the closing ceremony Ambassador of Mexico to Belize Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno mentioned the importance of the cooperation and the mutual support in the struggle against crime. He also presented the participants with certificates for completing the training program.

This is the fifth course that the Mexico`s Federal Police have given to the BPD during this year. The previous ones were “Scene of the Crime and Preservation of the Evidence”, “Reconstruction of Road Accidents”, “Interview and Police Examination”, “Tactics of Security and Survival”. Those courses were given to 132 officials, which represents approximately 10 % of the elements of that department.

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