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NEMO Public Advisory #2 - Tropical Storm Richard

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NEMO Public Advisory #2 - Tropical Storm Richard
By NEMO Information Unit
Oct 22, 2010, 06:05 pm

NEMO Public Advisory #2
Tropical Storm Richard

At 6:00 p.m. the center of the Tropical Storm Richard was located near Latitude 15.8 North, Longitude 82.3West. The Storm is moving towards the West at 5 miles per hour. Maximum sustained winds remain near 45 miles per hour with higher gusts.

People on the Cayes and along the coast who need to move are advised to do so early. Fisher folks are advised to stay alert and listen for the marine advisories.

People who are evacuating to shelters are advised to do so early and take three days' supply of dry and or canned food.

People who have livestock’s in low lying areas that are flood prone should move them to higher ground. Farmers in flood prone areas who have crops out in the fields that are close to harvesting should consider harvesting as soon as possible.

Stay tune to your radio and television over the weekend and if you have to take the following actions do so promptly:

o If you were planning to go to the Cayes and along the Coast this weekend you are advised to cancel your trip

o If you are at Sea seek safe harbour

o If you have to evacuate do so early. If you are going to Shelter take along those things you will need. Your life is the most important possession.

o Review and be prepared to put your emergency / Hurricane Plan into action

o If you live in an area that will flood take seriously the advice from NEMO and the Met Office and be prepared to quickly move your family and belongings to safety. Belongings include assets, property, animals and crops.

o All Tropical Storms and Hurricane are not the same take this advisory seriously.

o Remember stay tune to your radio and television over the weekend!

Public Officers are being asked to remain alert and be ready for deployment. All government vehicles must be fueled and parked at the Ministry of Works compound in their respective district.

The Preliminary Phase and a Tropical Storm Watch is still in effect. Please contact your NEMO District Emergency Operation Center for local information.

NEMO remains on ‘HIGH ALERT’ as it continues to monitor Tropical Storm Richard.

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