Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mentally Challenged child claims sodomy

Reports reached us that there was a brutal crime allegedly committed against a minor of San Pedro. The victim, a mentally challenged child, whose identity will be withheld, informed his foster mother that he was sodomized by a taxi driver. The incident allegedly occurred on Christmas Day in the DFC Area of San Pedro Town.

In his report, the 14 year old boy, a resident of the San Mateo Area, stated that sometime around 6:00 pm on December 25th, he was offered a ride by a taxi driver. The taxi driver reportedly took the young man to a home in the DFC area located on the southern end of San Pedro Town, where, with the use of a condom, he was sodomized.

A source within the San Pedro Police Department informed us that the incident was reported on December 26th. Due to the child’s mental condition, he was unable to clearly identify the house in which the crime occurred, but has managed to take officials in the general area of the incident. Sources further confirmed that since the report, an arrest was made; however the man has been released while the investigation continues.

The child had three large hickeys to the neck area and a laceration on his buttocks. The child was taken to a medical practitioner on the island who conducted a physical examination. According to the results of the physical examination, the doctor was unable to verify whether the child was indeed sodomized.

According to sources from within the police department; while they are working hard on the report, they are faced with several issues. Due to the mental wellbeing of the child, he has been inconsistent with key information that is essential in their investigation of the case. While the police continue their investigation, they are asking anyone who may have seen anything that could assist in this investigation to please come forward and offer your assistance. The San Pedro Police Department may be reached at 226-2022.


Anonymous said...

If this report is not true and there is no sodomy case, then this article proves to be done with very little journalistic integrity. It can only cause more negative publicity for San Pedro. If there is still no proof of sodomy then why post a report.

Anonymous said...

It seems a bit of "negative publicity" is called for. San Pedro is becoming unsafe. Murders. Drugs. Robberies. Thefts. Rape. The more attention given by the local media to the current violent crime wave the better.