Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aurelio Chi arrested for Obtaining Property by Deception amongst other charges

With the knowledge that the Police Department is the body charged with the responsibility to keep residents safe from harm, crooks and con artists among other duties; it was the least to say suspicious, when a male individual was approaching residents of Northern Ambergris Caye impersonating a member of the San Pedro Police Department; soliciting finances.

As this information became known to the San Pedro Police Department, officers worked diligently in following up on the situation, leading to the quick apprehension of one Aurelio Chi 35yrs Belizean Laborer of San Pedrito Area. Mr Chi was arrested in the Boca Del Rio area and charged with 4 counts of obtaining Property by Deception. Chi was additionally charged for Mischievous Act as a result of mischievously giving his name as Jose Cowo when his true identity is Aurelio Chi.


Anonymous said...

Wasnt this same guy, detained years before impersonating a worker from town council?? I remember him! seems its his MO!

Anonymous said...

He has also solicited money for football teams and other things in the past. They should plaster his face all over town w/ the warning, "Do not give this man a dime, for any reason!"