Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theft at BEL’s Buena Vista Substation Affects Power Supply to Northern Districts

Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) reports the theft of approximately 350 feet of copper cable from its Buena Vista Substation in the Corozal District.

On Monday, January 24, BEL employees reporting to work at the Buena Vista Substation discovered that ground wires for equipment at the substation had been disconnected and removed from the compound.

The stolen copper wires provided grounding for transformers, equipment and communication towers.

Works to replace the damaged infrastructure required a 3-hour power outage for the entire Orange Walk and Corozal Districts this afternoon.

BEL advises persons involved in these criminal activities that they are putting themselves at risk of being seriously injured or electrocuted. The damage to these essential equipment can also result in electrical damage to customers’ equipment and puts into jeopardy the safety of employees who have to work at the site.

The perpetrators should also be aware that under the Electricity Act, any person who unlawfully enters an electric substation or maliciously cuts or injures any electric line or work can be liable to a fine of up to three thousand dollars and/or to a term of imprisonment of up to three years.

Anyone with information on these criminal and unsafe activities is asked to contact the Police Department or call BEL at 0-800-235-2273 or 0-800-BEL-CARE or call Crime Stoppers at 0-800-922-8477.


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