Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Art of Life - Lovers Nature

Cooking is like making love, you need the right ingredients

Immortal Kiss
Let’s speak of love and so we should
A boy of youth I thought I could
Did take the oath to make a mark
On tender heart stained passion dark
In bold desire we did spend
Brave emotion constant sent
And when the time had come to part
We tried, wept a broken heart
That love can leave one empty so
A turn in time we cannot know
Kissing, touching immortal soul
Once again makes us whole

Making love is part of our human nature. Why should we be ashamed of it? Like nakedness, it’s simply our humanity. In today’s’ world sharing our bodies have become complex. Sex has so many taboos, and meaning attached to it, it has become like eggs in our societies dark closet.
Sex should not be used to control or manipulate, to abuse or for selfish pursuits. I dare say those who have known the painful results for a quick minute pleasure.

Anything hidden and denied becomes a perversion. Some religions confine and control it, advertising glorify it, Obsessive’s perverts it, and spiritual seekers deny it. No wonder it has become a seething undercurrent in our culture. Lovemaking is far more than these ideals. We need to make lovemaking natural and healthy. Make it precious like the food we take time to prepare with the right ingredients. It is a natural need that should be properly respected. It is a gift from the divine, which unites love through physical expression. It is a sacred, profound act between two consenting souls. The result is our legacy and co creates our existence.

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