Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LPG Regulation Introduced

Press Release - Belmopan - February 22, 2011 - The Belize Bureau of Standards hereby informs of the introduction of the National Metrology Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Regulation 2011.
This Regulation requires all suppliers to have weighing instruments at their place of sale/business and all motor vehicles used for delivery of LPG must also be equipped with weighing instruments.
Any person who intends to trade in LPG must complete the application form found in the First Schedule of the Regulation and submit along with the application form a non-refundable fee, the weighing instrument and any other necessary documentation that the Director may require. The application form is to accommodate an initial verification of the weighing instrument, the prescribed mark of verification or the Belize Bureau of Standards Verification Sticker and pattern approval in accordance with the Act.
Any person not in possession of a weighing instrument may submit a request to the Director for the approval of information relating to the weighing instrument in place of the actual weighing instrument before making the purchase. To attain approval, the following information pertaining to the weighing instrument should be submitted:

1. Details of the manufacturer
2. Model Number
3. Serial Number
4. Capacity
5. Scale Interval
6. Evidence of international pattern approval

All weighing instruments must be verified and stamped with the Belize Bureau of Standards verification sticker before used for trade. The weighing instruments will also be sealed at the point of verification. This is to ensure transparency and to assure consumers of the accuracy of the scale.
It also sets out the general requirements for the weighing instruments that will be allowed for trade in the LPG industry. These include the following:

1. A precision balance
2. Platform machine
3. A self-indicating weighing instrument ( including a price computing or printing electronic weighing machine)
4. Non-automatic weighing machine

Additionally, all weighing instruments must carry the following marking:

1. The manufacturer’s name written in full
2. Maximum capacity in the form “Max….”
3. Minimum capacity in the form “Min…”
4. Verification scale interval in the form “e=”

It is prohibited for any person to use a weighing instrument that is not clearly visible to the purchaser.

Any person found in contravention of these Regulations commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a penalty of $5000.00 and or imprisonment of 6 months or both.
Any person engaged in the sale of LPG prior to the commencement of these Regulations must comply with these regulations within 30 days of the date of commencement.

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