Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Art of Life: Your Chemistry

Hangovers- considering the amount of bars in San Pedro, I am sure they are people experiencing this daily. You can’t do anything but wait till the alcohol departs your body. Most often it takes a whole day to recover. Imagine you could see inside yourself-all your organs and the different circulatory systems that make your body work. Now everything you eat or drink that enters into your blood stream is there for you to see. Having the ability to see this we would all think twice before we consume the foods we do. Our bodies are machines that work efficiently with the right chemistry. Food is really just a form of chemistry.

Unfortunately we can’t see our chemistry, but we all have the ability to feel. Seeing inside yourself is listening to what your body is feeling. The language of the body is feeling. Some people are so out of touch with their bodies they never feel what their bodies are telling them. They continue to consume harmful chemistry until it’s too late. I often ask myself does pleasure have to cost so much.

Living your best requires knowing what is best for your body. Each one of us requires a unique chemistry, a balance only you know. No doctor can know you like you. Learning the language of your body is to know the nutrition that creates your personal balance.

Next time you find yourself in pain because of something you ate or drank, ask yourself if the pleasure of the experience was worth it. Then consider other ways to enjoy life without hurting your chemistry.

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