Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mangrove plants removed from the San Pedrito Park

The removal of mangrove trees from within the proposed area for the San Pedrito Park have raised concern for some residents in the area, as they had foreseen the use of the trees as a shaded area for children and patrons of the park.The San Pedro Sun contacted Mr. Severo Guerrero, Councilor responsible for Parks who explained, “The plans for the park include trees which will be planted at various locations within the park. There was a need to remove the mangrove trees that were located in the area as they didn’t fall within the plans for the park”.
He further informed us that the remainder of the mangroves will be trimmed in an effort to discourage individuals who might want to use the park as their base for drug use and other illegal activities.

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Web Design Inspiration said...

What they should have done is to make the plans to the park according to the plants that were already there! Like always they have to kill our mangroves. Why can't they just look and see that the mangroves are part of our island! It is nature. Now they have to spend money to buy more trees instead of using the sources that nature gave us. The plants they will put will die like always. How many times have they planted coconut trees on the beach bu high school. They all died!