Friday, May 20, 2011

Counterfeit $100.00 bills confiscated and some remain on the market

On Thursday, May 19th, 2011 about 2:00pm Police on mobile patrol on West Collet Canal in Belize City conducted a search at #59 West Collet Canal, the residence of David Sedacey. A search conducted on Sedacey resulted in the discovery of a transparent plastic bag with two amounts of $100.00US notes that appeared not to be genuine. A search of the house and the premises yielded nothing illegal. David Sedacey was cautioned and escorted to the Queen Street Police Station along with the counterfeit notes.
David Sedacey

The notes were counted and categorized by serial number. There were (37) $100.00 US notes with S/N FF58641474B, (36) $100.00US notes with S/N FF80216340B, (38) $100.00US notes with S/N FJ34448254A, (39) $100.00US notes with S/N FLO34944321C all to a total of (150) $100.00US. Police formally arrested and charged David Sedasey, 35yrs, laborer of #59 West Collet Canal for the offence of Possession of counterfeit notes.

*The Public is asked to be on the lookout for these counterfeit US $100.00 notes that are in circulation. If you come in contact with anyone who has in their possession these bills, please contact the nearest Police Station or call Crime Stoppers - Tips for Rewards hotline: 0-800-922-TIPS (8477).

Find listed some of the serial numbers that may be in circulation already:- AC 80283529B- C4, AF 77981529B- F7, AG 43984569B- 67, AC 13149119B- C2, AC 80283529B- C4, AC 49984129B- C5, AC 50979499B- C8, AF 17401529B- F6, AG 53939129B- G6, AG 23989524B- G7, AG 27681529B- G7, AF 77981529B- F7, AC 80289529B- C4, AG 78589127B- G6, AC 14909829B- C6, AC 52539129B- C6.

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