Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother’s Day Art Exhibit

In honor of Mother’s Day, Belizean Melody Art Gallery organized an art show featuring art work by mothers. On Saturday, May 7th the show was hosted at the Red Ginger Restaurant courtyard at the Phoenix Resort. Several female artists were on hand exhibiting a variety of paintings and enthusiasts enjoyed a pleasant afternoon complimented with wine tasting offered by Red Ginger.

According to Melody Sanchez, artist, owner of Belizean Melody Art Gallery and organizer of the event, ten percent of the proceeds from the afternoon were to benefit the Mama Vilma Family Home.
The exhibit featured Carrie O’Farrell, Greta Leslie, Jessica Lopez, Rose Escalante, Sophie Forman Lisbey, Tanya Samolia, Perlita Zapata and Melody Sanchez Wolfe.

Mrs Shelly & Eve (Founders of Mama Vilma Family Home)

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