Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bees cause RC School Students to be evacuated

Students at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) were seen walking in file formation heading out of their school grounds. But there was no special activity planned. The reason was BEES! At least one student was stung, leading to the evacuation of well over 800 students from the school compound.Staff from the nearby offices were evacuated as well.
School officials informed the public health department that bees were seen in the school compound, and when the relevant authorities arrived, they discovered the bee hive inside the space separating the first floor (public library) and the second floor (housing the BTB and the Minister of Tourism's Office) of the building located opposite the school.

According to San Pedro RC School Principal Roxanne Kay, it took the teachers about 20 minutes to get all 800 students off the compound to the central park.
While the bees are exterminated, a section of the street leading to the area is closed to the public.

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