Monday, June 13, 2011

Stephanie Chi wins Be Kind Belize Speech Contest at Holy Cross

Be Kind Belize hosted a speech competition at Holy Cross Anglican School on Friday, June 10th.
Students from Standard II and III (Grade 4 & 5) filled the cafeteria hall to capacity and were on hand to witness the performance of four students. Each student had prepared a speech based on kindness, defining it, using examples of kindness, asking their peers what kind acts they’ve done, and as well, suggesting kind acts that the community can adapt as part of its daily routine.

Students sat and behaved marvelously while the speech contest was going on.

Lion Judges Enes Ramirez-Anderson, Miguel Perez and Tamara Sniffin

After two invited guests spoke to the gathered students (Barracuda Bikini's Celeste Pederson and Mary Gonzalez [Tia Chocolate]), was time for the prepared speeches. A very brave Jaaphet Castillo was called up first. After explaining the meaning of kindness, he pointed out the various examples of kindness as defined in the Bible, and while he stumbled a little, he remained calm and finished his speech to rousing applause. Following him was Aaliyah Roches, who recited a very sweet definition of kindness. Similarly, Rodell Mendez expounded on the issue of discrimination, threading his essay with a few touches of a poem on kindness.

Jaaphet Castillo
Aaliyah Roches
Rodell Mendez

However, it was Stephanie Chi who took the prize, as she gave an electric performance, asking her peers to be kind, giving examples and simply blowing the judges (Lion Members) away with her impassioned speech. After a few moments of deliberation, she was declared the winner of the grand prize: a brand new bicycle! Jaaphat, Aaliyah and Rodell did not go back to class empty-handed however, as they also each took $25 gift certificates. The bicycle was donated by a very generous Janice Feldman, while the gift certificates were donated by Marty Casado of

Stephanie Chi

Congratulations to the students, and a big thank you to Colette Kase of Be Kind Belize, Janice Feldman and Marty Casado.

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