Friday, April 24, 2009

ACCC and Lions commit to work together for the PolyClinic

Lions Melanie Paz and Baldemar Graniel, who also sit as Directors for the PolyClinic II, joined the Chamber for their regular Thursday luncheon to bring to light the issues surrounding the needs of the PolyClinic. Chief amongst the needs of the Polyclinic are proper staff, security, and more emergency care. As Lion Mel pointed out, government had agreed to work with the Lions to get the needs of the PolyClinic met based upon a contract signed between the two. As such, regular meetings are held between directors and the Lions who are committed to assisting in any which way to have all the needs met.
“What we are lacking the most of right now are Human Resources,” commented Lion Mel. As such, the biggest problem is housing. Currently, the Lions are working on securing donations which would assist in paying the $600 a month apartment for a nurse currently working at the PolyClinic. Should you want to offer any financial assistance kindly get in contact with Lion Mel.
ACCC stated to Lions that they are willing to help in any way possible. Lions explained that all decisions need to go through the Board of Directors at the PolyClinic but that Lions Mel and Baldemar would act as liaisons between ACCC and the PolyClinic. Together the two ended with a commitment to work together to see what are the best ways to move the clinic forward.

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