Friday, April 24, 2009

Be Kind Belize Program visits SAGA

Colette Kase

The students from Teacher Helen and Tara's class had the great opportunity to visit SAGA this afternoon as part of their Be Kind Belize workshop participation.

While at SAGA, the students got to listen to Jambo's, Veterinarian Laurie's best friend, heart beat, get informed as to the requirements to become a vet, the cost incurred when caring for a pet, and the care that they need.

Be Kind Belize has been developed by Colette Kase, a resident of San Pedro, who worked in the field of animal welfare and education for most of her career in the UK. She designed the programme to compliment the Belize National Curriculum, enabling schools to take part while fulfilling their educational obligations.

Colette Kase says, “The children of San Pedro are so bright and enthusiastic and they just seem to be so excited about learning how to protect the environment and save it for generations to come. But we don’t just teach about the environment - Be Kind Belize teaches children to be kind to themselves, kind to others and kind to animals. The workshops are fun and interactive and the kids have a great time participating, making teaching and learning a wonderful experience.”

Some of pets available for adoption at SAGA:

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Anonymous said...

The puppy at the bottom and the kitty above it are sooooo cute! Mine!!