Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thumbs Up! Michaela and Beverly help raise funds for SAGA

Every so often, about once a week, friends Michaela Peterson and Beverly Medrano get together and help to raise funds for SAGA. According to Michaela, they get together every time they outgrow their clothing, or when they collect donations of clothing and toys and books that they can sell. The funds are split, with 50% going to SAGA, and the other 50% shared amongst the enterprising young ladies.
The last sale netted $55, and they are looking forward to raising even more. So be sure and stop by and check out what they have on sale on Coconut Drive. You might find a toy, a book, some gently used clothing, brand new items, and more. Every little bit helps - and as these young ladies are proving, anyone can make a difference! Kudos!

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