Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lexee Marin wins Miss Lobster Fest Pageant

Last Friday evening, Caye Caulker saw five local girls contesting for the title of Miss Lobster Fest 2009/2010. Aged between 15 and 18, the poised young ladies danced and entertained the packed audience, made up of locals and tourists, as three esteemed judges marked them in various categories.MC Indira Craig kept the evening running smoothly despite being interrupted by rain on two occasions. Chairs were wiped down, the stage was swept and the show went on. At the end of the evening Miss Lexee Marin was crowned Miss Lobster Fest 2009, with first runner up Miss Blenda Aguilar, and 2nd runner up Miss Vanessa Flowers.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this but ... the caye caulker miss lobster fest is BOGUS!!!! The contestants dont have a fair chane at winning their awards ... the committee gives them to whom they want to! They say they want everyone to have an award!! Psht!! I say everyone should get what they work for!!! we all know that Miss blenda Aguilar was supose to recieve 3 of those awards and you can ask any one on the Island that!!! And Miss Lexi ... i'm sorry but u did not deserve that crown. if it was not for miss Blenda's incident with her dress you would not have had that crown! I would just like to inform the young ladies out there ... to not even think anout it for next year!! The pagent committee always do what they want! thay dont give anyone a fair chance!!!! and then they use the money to go on extraordinary tips after insted of giving back to their community!!